Welcome to Småland, Sweden

If you need a guide in The Kingdom of Crystal, we can help you! Let us enrich your stay in the area now called Glasriket. Our guides are specialized in the unique nature and culture and will add an extra dimension to your stay.

We will explain the connections between nature and industry and can show you glass blowing, design, nature and culture. Our guided tours have different themes such as, for example, landscape with ice age, old industries with iron manufacturing, historical witchcraft with medicinal plants, healing nature with mindfulness walks and/or emigration.

Combine your tour with Swedish fika or outdoor cooking in the relaxing nature. We help you create a memorable event.

Due to Covid -19 we don’t have any events for online booking now. Contact us at glasriketguiderna@outlook.com, if you need a guide in The Kingdom of Crystal. You can also find the contact information to each guide here.